Waiting: A Pandemic Play

Written by Colton Wendell Weiss, Cason Morgan, Jill Summerville, Duane Davis

Featuring: Colton Wendell Weiss, Kiera Vinson, Joe Dallacqua, Duane Davis

Edited by C. Austin Hill

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and when theatres and communities shut down, we asked the Theatre Off-Kilter family to respond to the moment. This short DIGITAL play represents that response. Please join us for this poignant, moving, and heart-felt presentation.

Theatre Off-Kilter is excited to announce an UPCOMING PROJECT!!

July 23-25, on Zoom (or the like)–we will be presenting an ONLINE STAGED READING of a truly wonderful, bizarre, and decidedly OFF-KILTER historical play!!

REVOLT OF THE BEAVERS by Oscar Saul and Lou Lantz

First produced in 1937 as a part of the Federal Theatre Project, REVOLT OF THE BEAVERS is a theatre for young audiences piece about two school children who find themselves mixed up in a worker-beaver revolt against their cruel (and disproportionately wealthy) Chief Beaver.

Described by critics as “Marxism a la Mother Goose,” this play is partially responsible for the cancellation of the Federal Theatre Project–and it attracted the attention of the House UnAmerican Activities Committee.

Our reading will be appropriate for children and adults–though buyer beware–this play leans, uh, a little left. SO FAR LEFT…like DAM (it’s a beaver joke). Slightly further left, and it’d tip right over…TIMBER (another beaver joke).

This will be a ticketed fundraising event, with proceeds going to help produce Theatre Off-Kilter’s upcoming season of work.

Poster for If You Can Order A Cup Of Coffee At Starbucks, We Can Be Best Friends! By Jill Summerville

If You Can Order A Cup Of Coffee At Starbucks, We Can Be Best Friends!

By Jill Summerville

Directed by C. Austin Hill

Theatre Off-Kilter is delighted to present the WORLD PREMIERE of this funny and important new play by the amazing Jill Summerville (Learn more about Jill on our Resident Playwright page). In this play, Jill helps young audiences to understand just how easy–and fun–being friends with a person with a disability can be! 

Developed though a grant from the Ohio Arts Council, If You Can Order A Cup Of Coffee At Starbucks, We Can Be Best Friends!  is available to tour middle and high schools in the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus (Ohio) areas–and with some notice, elsewhere as well.

Jill has a PhD in theatre, specializing in bodies with disabilities on stage–she has, too, decades of experience as a playwright, actor, and educator. Your students will benefit from Jill’s expertise, and they will love Jill’s wit, warmth, and humor.