Class: PLAYWRITING Level 3: Expansions And The Full-Length Play May. 2024


Join Dr. C. Austin Hill (call him Chris) for a month-long online playwriting class! Chris has over a decade of college-level teaching experience, and has taught playwriting at universities across the US.  Chris is an accomplished director and dramaturg–and is the Artistic Director for Theatre Off-Kilter–the perfect choice to help you grow as a playwright. By the end of this class, students should expect to be well on their way to creating a NEW FULL LENGTH PLAY!!

In May we will be offering a 4-week virtual course at just $100! This class will meet for 2-hours each week between May 5 and 26. Class sizes will be capped at 5 to ensure personal attention, lots of opportunities to share and receive feedback on your work, and the chance to build relationships with others.

ALL AGES ARE WELCOME– If I have enough people under the age of 18, I will split off a special youth-oriented class.

REGISTER 2 or more people for a 10% discount for everyone!!



This playwriting class is built for ADVANCED playwrights, or for ANYONE interested in working on a new full-length play. How do you know if you are advanced? Close your eyes–ask yourself:

  • Am I an advanced playwright?
  • Am I comfortable with my skills in creating dialogue, in using descriptive language, and in negotiating the structure of a plot?
  • Am I ready to crack off a full-length play right now?
  • Have I been working on a play and need a group of writers to help move it forward?

If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions, this class probably perfect for you! If not, you might want to look at our other levels to see if they are a better fit for you.  If, however, you think your skills can benefit from:

  • An intensive pace appropriate for those who have written for the stage before
  • A decreased amount of explanatory material, but with that material available
  • A supportive and non-competitive environment built to unlock your creativity
  • A structure intended to help you build upon your existing skills

Then this is the class for you.

REGISTER TODAY! You will receive a special invitation to Zoom, where the class will be hosted.