AUDITION NOTICE– We need to hear from you NO LATER than July 8


Theatre Off-Kilter is looking for volunteer actors for an upcoming ONLINE Staged Reading of REVOLT OF THE BEAVERS by Oscar Saul and Lou Lantz. The reading will be director by Theatre Off-Kilter Artistic Director, Dr. C. Austin (Chris) Hill. Please visit to learn more about the play


This will be a ticketed fundraising event, with proceeds going to help produce Theatre Off-Kilter’s upcoming season of work.  In an effort to maximize our fundraising efforts, everyone involved in this reading will be asked to volunteer their time.




  • The live performances of this reading will happen July 23, 24, and 25 with audiences invited to join via live-stream. We will record at least one of the live streams, which will be made available to the company after the reading (and will be available for audiences to watch at a reduced price from the live streams).


  • Because this is a READING, rehearsal time will be kept low—3 or 4 rehearsals, taking place between the 12th and the 22nd of July. Most likely these will take place in the evening hours between 6 and 10 PM Eastern.


  • We are looking for a LOT of talented actors—somewhere in the neighborhood of 20. We are eager to meet new faces, and to work with folks that we already know. Due to the online nature of this production, and the mission of Theatre Off-Kilter, we want actors from ANYWHERE, and particularly those who:


  • Can commit to the entire short rehearsal process (we’ll do the best we can to work around known conflicts, but we’ll need everyone each time)
  • Can ensure that they have reliable and high-speed internet access, and a device on which to use it (computer, phone, tablet)
  • Are willing to print, or use another device to display, a 65-70 page script


If you want to come and play, then we want to hear from you!

  • If we have worked with you before—or if you have worked with Chris before, most specifically—then just send us a note at the email below telling us you want in, and what your general availability is in the evenings between July 12 and 22.


  • If we have NOT worked with you: Please submit a video (it can be shot on your phone) of you performing a one-minute monologue—and a note describing your general availability in the evenings between July 12 and 22.


We need to hear from you NO LATER than July 8!  Email us at